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Top 3 Technology Blogs You Should Read Daily

Technology is fast-changing and its important to stay updated on the latest development to stay up to date and relevant in the technology sector. Here is the list of our favourite 3 technology blogs which you should read daily.

  1. The Verge The Verge is a multimedia platform started in 2011 that covers technology, reviews, science, entertainment, and games. The Verge also has a special section dedicated to content creators.

  2. Mashable Mashable is one of the most well-known and oldest new age technology blogs that was started back in 2005. It has only risen in readership over the years and caters to different countries with its country-specific blogs.

  3. Technoloze Technoloze is the only Indian technology blog on our list started in 2009 and relaunched in 2020 for the new age readers and lovers of technology. Technoloze covers technology, science, business, education, agritech, electric, healthcare, how-to guides. Technoloze also publishes its Top 10 lists that features some of the best top 10 gadgets, places, companies, technologies, etc for its curated lists.

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